Our mission.

How we do it.

Creating a place that helps to recruit talent.

We have a broad skill-set and some very talented collaborators we work with, ensuring we deliver on all fronts, in a very human-centered approach, with the most possible genuine outcome.

The flexibility of Core is such that you will be able to easily save your own template layouts for a later use or for backup purposes, they are the equivalent to the WordPress “page templates”.

You can even save and load parts of a page using your own pre-defined set of elements or block layouts, and re-load them on different pages with just one click.

A very strong culture you will be very proud of.

We placed at your disposal a total of 21 draggable modules so far, including galleries, columns, videos, sliders, categories and more modules to drop into your pages. Assembly is built in a modular way, which means it is extendable, we are building more modules that can be incorporated to your theme. Extensions are all available in Assembly Extensions.

A WooCommerce extension is coming soon!

Get in touch.

If you’d like to talk with us about a new project or want a bit more details about our capabilities, we’d love to talk with you too.

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