Ceiling Lights


The gentle curves on the back of the dining room chairs were repeated as motifs on the glass doors of fitted cupboards in the same room, while metal candelabras and a porcelain dinner featured the same forms, in three dimensions in the case of the former and in two dimensions in the latter.

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Her maid had kindled a little fire on the hearth, and it contended cheerfully with the sunlight which slanted across the moss-green carpet and caressed the curved sides of an old marquetry desk. Near the bed stood a table holding her breakfast tray.

In its harmonious porcelain and silver, a handful of violets in a slender glass and the morning paper folded beneath her letters. Side lighting and fabrics were, as we have seen, suspended in swags from the columns to complete the effect.

The central staircase of the store emphasized the vertical nature of its cavernous space while the salon was an equally vertically oriented space of enormous scale but with ceilings painted in the classical manner and paintings covering the walls.


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