Pendant Lamp


The space he created featured arches, the forms of which were repeated in stencilled patterns on the walls and in the arms of the chairs he positioned within the space. The effect of that unity was achieved through the repeated use of geometrical motifs on the windows, the walls, the floors and the surfaces of furniture pieces.


Product Description

There was a sense of aesthetic unity where individual items were emphasized. Indeed the Victorian domestic interior was not conceived as a single visual entity but rather as an accumulation of artefacts. The effect of that unity was achieved through the architect’s repeated use of geometrical motifs.

Side lighting and fabrics were, as we have seen, suspended in swags from the columns to complete the effect. The central staircase of the store emphasized the vertical nature of its cavernous space while the salon was an equally vertically oriented space of enormous scale but with ceilings painted in the classical manner.

The gentle curves on the back of the dining room chairs were repeated as motifs on the glass doors of fitted cupboards in the same room, while metal candelabras and a porcelain dinner service featured the same forms. Behrens proudly proclaimed that his house was a combination of practical utility and abstract beauty.


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